Connect with friends to fill your empty bike or car seats, split costs and earn rewards.


Create a trip card with your travel plans & share with people in your network. Travel together with college friends or work colleagues for any trip you take.
Never travel alone.


Smart Trip Card with real-time trip updates. Get automatic trip status notifications and be connected with co-passengers through instant messages.
Know where your friends are in real-time.


Earn Green Miles while you commute. Get incentives for your shared trips & daily commute. Claim rewards from some of your favourite brands.
If you have a co-passenger, get rewarded.

Best way to get from point A to point B in your city.

Introducing CommonTrip that rewards you for your daily commute.

Create a Trip

Enter trip details like vehicle, frequency of trips and days along with start and drop-off locations, and create your smart trip card.

Stay Connected

Connect & communicate in real-time. Get automated instant messages when the trip starts, or when the driver is close to your location.

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Smart Trip Card

Digital Card with:
Trip details, current trip status, and all updates/messages in one place. Easily share this with people in your network.

Track your Green Miles.

We know many use green modes of transport like carpooling, & public transport. Now you can track those and earn rewards.
More Green Miles = More Rewards.

Reduce your carbon footprint.
Join the Go Green Campaign.

Colleges or Corporates, contact us if you want to join the others.

Businesses provide incentives for your Green Miles.

e-commerce businesses, resort, restaurants, cafes, food cart owners, etc.
    Here are some businesses partnering with us.

Are you a business? Do you also want to connect with CommonTrippers? We would like to hear from you. Contact Us Here!

Want to participate in the Go Green Campaign?

If you're interested to track your Green Miles, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line anytime.

What is the Go Green Campaign?

What is it? It is a National Level Competition with leader boards where even colleges & work places with most green miles get extra recognition for being the Most Green College/Workplace in the City.

Location: You can participate from any City/Town in India.

Duration: From September 2015 till January 2016

Who is it for? Students/professionals or just about anyone who does daily commutes to college/work or weekend trips, or inter-city trips.

What you need to do? Download the CommonTrip android app, create trips, get friends (colleagues at work, college friends, neighbours) to join you while you take those trips (like daily commute).

What do you get? Similar to Fly Miles for airlines, we keep track of your Green Miles (total kms you share with others). You can now claim rewards in exchanges for this from a select group of businesses. Win cashback vouchers from Myntra, a free stay at resorts in Kerala and much more.

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