The GeoSpice Team - Distributed workforce in India and Ireland

Ricky Jacob, Ph.D.
CEO - Ricky
Ricky has a PhD in Computer Science from NUI Maynooth, Ireland during which he worked on integrating Haptic feedback into Mobile Location Based Services.
He has been working in the area of Geo Technologies since 2003, from academic research to spending 2 years at Google India leading the Geo Data Team.
Nicky Jacob
COO - Nicky
Nicky has a B.E. in Electronics and Instrumentation. He has several years experience leading teams in India and Kuwait in the area of sensor networks and M2M communications to provide centralised monitoring and automation. He brings to the table a creative mind to understand opportunities arising in India and the Middle East.
Luca Merolla
CFO - Luca
Luca has an MBA from Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi, Italy and his thesis title was - Equity Crowdfunding a model for development of SMEs.
He has experience in agile methodologies, marketing and business development.
Fangli Ying, Ph.D.
Head of Mobile Technology - Fangli
Fangli has a PhD in Computer Science from NUI Maynooth, Ireland during which he worked on Dynamic Visualisation of Spatial data on Mobile Devices.
He has experience leading projects in android/iOS development for geo-data visualisation on mobile devices.
Pankaj Sharma, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist - Pankaj
Pankaj has a PhD in GeoComputation from NUI Maynooth, Ireland during which he worked on Road Features Extraction Using Terrestrial Mobile Laser Scanning System.
He has experience working with Mobile Mapping Technology, LiDAR data, sensor integration, and feature extraction.
Sherry Zacharias
Creative Director - Sherry
Sherry has a Higher National Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design from Wigan and Leigh College Bangalore, India.
She has over 10 years experience in the area of advertising and graphic design and crafts all our branding and marketing material.
Richmond Chethalan
Web Developer/Legal Advisor - Richmond
Richmond has a a Master's degreee in Cyber Law and Information Security from NLIU Bhopal, India and a B.E. in Information Technology.
A Software Engineer at heart, he has experience building and managing various websites. He also advices on various legal aspects at GeoSpice.