Provider of Location-as-a-Service

Real-time Data Analytics

  • Map/Data Analytics (Heat Maps)
  • Geo-visual Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Movement Data Analysis
  • Prediction Models

Location Based Services

  • Pedestrian Navigation System
  • Travel/Tourism Mobile Guides
  • Geo-fencing based Alerts/Advertisements
  • Mobile Apps for Real-Time Public Transport Data

Data Visualisation Tools

  • Web/Mobile interfaces
  • Geo-data Visualisation
  • Digital Mapping and Map Integration
  • Geo-tagged Photos/Videos
  • Dynamic Data Visualisation

Geo-Technology Consultancy

Our core products/services are in geo-data capturing, processing, analysing and visualising using various web/mobile technologies. We help the user by providing decision making tools by integrating location information with other sensor and contextual data.